Llama Treks 

Guided Nature Walks with Llamas

Llamas are one of the worlds oldest domesticated animals. The Incas used them as beasts of burden to haul gold and silver out of the Andes. Today they are still an important part of South American commerce. In North America, their altheticism and sure-footeness make them the perfect hiking companion. There are many llama outfitters in the west that offer extended camping trips either guided or llamas for lease.

We are offering short day hikes - guided nature walks with llamas. They are usually 1 to 4 miles in length. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.  Group sizes are limited to 6-8 people. 

Lower Sherwood Farm walks: Take a tour of our idyllic 95 acres of farmland and woods. Enjoy sweeping views of the Blue Ridge foothills and visit the 6th largest Willow Oak in the state (unofficially). 1 to 2 miles. 1 to 2 hours.   
$50 per person. ($100 min)

Pleasant Grove walks: Walk the extensive trails of Fluvanna's historic park. This mostly wooded hike offers views of the Rivanna River. Water and home-baked snacks will be provided. 2 to 4 miles. 2 to 3 hours.
$65 per person. ($130 min.)

Totier Creek walks:  Scottsville's Totier Creek Park offers a shorter off-site walk in the woods above the reservoir. About 2 miles and 1.5 to 2 hours.
$65 per person ($130 min)

  • The walks often include crossing creeks or walking in wet areas.  Wear appropriates shoes. (Please, no flip flops of clogs)
  • Llamas, like all animals, have a will of their own.  While they are easily handled and well-trained, their behavior can sometimes be unpredictible.
  • Many of our llamas are trained to carry packs.  They can carry your food, drink or jacket for you.
  • Call in advance to book a walk. In the summer, only morning walks will be offered unless the forecast is for cooler temperatures.  Same-day booking may be possible, but is not guaranteed.

Meet the Llamas

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